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Vol. CLIV, Issue 4
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Whitman’s number one fan: Steve Rubin

There was a timeout on the floor.   Before two notes of the Soulja Boy song were out, he was up: dancing, jumping, hips swiveling, arms waving.

This is Steve Rubin.   Or more generally known as The Crazy Guy With the Wigs Who Dances at Basketball Games.

“With basketball, teams work hard.   Whether they win or lose, they work hard.   So I like to watch athletes who devote themselves to their sport,” said Rubin, sporting a Whitman baseball cap over a fake arrow that appears to be stuck through his head.

But Rubin doesn’t just limit himself to basketball.

“Swim meets, track meets, baseball games: I’m a big fan of all of them,” said Rubin.

“I’ve played sports my whole life: tennis, basketball, I ski and I root for soccer and football…I think that athletics are part of the vibrancy of life,” said Rubin.

Hilary White sank a three-pointer for Whitman.

“Yeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!”   Rubin was on his feet clapping and cheering.

“At the bottom line, sports are very unimportant.   You play intensely, you scream and yell, but when it’s over, you’ve got to say, ‘Eh, it’s over,'” said Rubin.

Rubin came to Whitman 36 years ago as a psychology professor.   Since coming to Whitman, Rubin estimates he’s been to over 700 basketball games, averaging about 20 per year.

“This is a place you can act a bit crazy: as a psychologist, you need sometimes to act a little crazy.   It keeps you young,” said Rubin.

The action stalled on the floor for some quick substitutions. Faster than the players, Rubin sprang off the wooden bleachers, onto his feet.   “W-H-I-T-M-A-N!”   Rubin yelled, motioning toward the small crowd of students across the gym.   A few students spelled along with him, but most ignore the old cheerleader in a rainbow wig.

Rubin is a little disappointed by the lack of student support. “I think there should be better support by the students. I mean they know the players, they should support their friends who work hard,” said Rubin.

Rubin switched out his rainbow wig for a sparkly, neon green hairpiece with a crown of what may or may not be fake Christmas lights.   He owns about a dozen different hats and wigs.   “They’re getting a little ratty,” said Rubin.   “You can tell people to send me money for new wigs.”

“Probably after my death I’ll still be doing this,” said Rubin.   “They’ll probably dig me up in my coffin with a wig on and I’ll say ‘Go Whitman!'”

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