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Students team up for Yahoo Whitman fantasy basketball league

It’s every man’s fantasy. No, not that one, but fantasy basketball. Some Whitties may have noticed a post on the students’ listserv about starting a league on Yahoo. First-year Zach Rosenberg sent out that e-mail.Students team up for Yahoo Whitman fantasy basketball league | Illustration by Lauren Hisada

“I just wanted to do a fantasy league, why not here?” said Rosenberg.

As of Saturday, Oct. 13, there were five teams in the league. For those who want to join, the league name is 69499 and the password is “missionaries.” The league’s online draft time is Thursday, Oct. 18 at 8 p.m.

For those who don’t know the rules of fantasy basketball, a league starts when the teams gather to pick NBA players from any team for a fixed amount of rounds and teams get one pick per round. After the players are selected, statistics such as points, assists, rebounds, steals and blocks are tallied throughout the week. Team owners must update their team daily so that players who are playing that day are in fixed positions and not left on the team’s bench.

This will be the third league that Rosenberg is in this year. He’s played fantasy for the last two years, and both years he has beaten his brother Ben. This year, his team is named “We Believe” after the slogan that came out last year in the playoffs during Golden State’s improbable upset of the Dallas Mavericks. Rosenberg, originally from the bay area in Los Gatos, Calif., follows the Warriors closely and has a t-shirt with the “We Believe” slogan emblazed on it.

According to Rosenberg, the role of a fantasy league is to help people watch the NBA more closely while harboring a competitive interest in those involved. It is also a great way for a section or a dorm to get involved with their neighbors.

There is always something to talk about when a fantasy league is going on.

Sophomore Andrew Spittle, winner of last year’s Jewett 3-East league, agreed.

“It fosters a friendly competitive environment,” said Spittle.

As far as draft strategy goes, there are varying philosophies.

“I usually just end up picking my favorite players,” said Rosenberg.

“My draft strategy is best by position available and who’s available,” said Spittle.

However, sophomore Kevin McCoy, creator of the Jewett 3-East league last year, warns participants of being tempted by the celebrity of a star player. In addition, McCoy is wary of the health of his players.

“Stay away from the perennially injured. They’re no good. I hate when my guys get injured,” said McCoy.

It’s also important to stay involved in the league so that the competition stays level.

“Don’t stop doing it half way because it’s not fun for everybody else,” said Rosenberg.

While people’s wildest fantasies usually don’t involve basketball, a school-wide league can be a terrific guilty pleasure for all those involved.

The Yahoo fantasy basketball league name is 69499, password “missionaries”

The online draft time is Thursday, Oct. 18 at 8 p.m.

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