Letter to the Editor: Mr. Whitman’s Success

To the Editor and Publisher:

The Kappas’ recent achievement of raising more than $50,000 from the Mr. Whitman contest for The Health Center is astonishing and should be celebrated. I would be surprised if any student group has generated that much philanthropic success through other fund raising efforts. Especially worth noting is the leadership of Meghan Ash, Claire Revere, Mikaela Slade, Jackie Greisen and Nora Leitch, who, along with their very large group of partners, set a high bar for next year’s event.

Moreover, in addition to the impressive number of dollars generated is the inspiring number of human connections that the Kappas created between Whitman students and community members, including students at Lincoln High School, Walla Walla School District teachers and administrators, and staff members at the Health Center. The work that they did this semester to build in opportunities to create these meaningful interactions (including the one described in your excellent Oct 20 story) was truly exemplary.  Indeed, I have heard from several students that that human aspect of Mr. Whitman was the most rewarding part of the whole endeavor.

Going forward, I invite all Whitman students who seek to raise funds for local organizations to consider following this model of bringing Whitties closer together with residents of our amazing and interesting community.  Doing so would be a powerful way to increase your understanding of the special place that we all get to share.

Thank you.


Noah Leavitt, Associate Dean of Students