Biden is better than Trump

Mat Chapin, Columnist

Is Joe Biden a better candidate than Donald Trump? Yes. That should be obvious, but not everyone agrees with me. According to a new poll conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post, 15% of Bernie supporters said that they would support Trump if Biden becomes the nominee. Some voters just don’t trust Biden. Some share in the misguided belief that four more years of Trump is just the motivation that America needs to push the country the appropriate degrees to the left, breaking away from the historically moderate democratic party.  Though I sympathize with the frustration of Bernie supporters, I have no patience for this #Bernieorbust mentality. 

I’ll be the first to admit that Biden is not the perfect candidate. He is a boring old moderate at a time when young people, in particular, are dissatisfied with the status quo and an inadequate state of “normalcy.”  We need to keep pushing on healthcare, immigration, eliminating college debt and the climate. My rallying cry since the beginning of the primary season has been “anyone but Biden, please,” but disappointment at a lost opportunity isn’t an excuse not to vote. 

This isn’t a “lesser of two evils” situation; this election means something for millions of people’s lives. Not voting at all is effectively a vote for Donald Trump. A vote for Trump, regardless of your motives, is still a vote for the man who has put children in cages, labeled the press as an enemy of the people and betrayed our Kurdish allies, among other things. Biden is famous for misspeaking and sniffing women, but saying he is just as bad as Donald Trump is like saying that, when your favorite restaurant is closed, you should light yourself on fire and walk off a cliff instead of eating leftovers.  

You may be willing to live four more years in Trump’s America for an idealistic liberal revolution down the road, but how many people are you willing to throw under the bus for that dream? People will continue to be stuck at the border. Our national reputation will be degraded further by Trump’s mere presence in the White House.  Women will be stripped of their reproductive rights. Conservative judges will be appointed. Obama legislation will be rescinded. How many lies are we willing to stomach? How much of our democracy are we willing to sacrifice for the specific flavor of liberal revolution certain voters think they want?  

This “for the greater good mentality” that a significant percentage of Bernie supporters have fallen into isn’t democratic, isn’t socialist and isn’t liberal. It’s arrogant and it’s going to get people killed.  If you aren’t going to vote in this election because you’re upset about the nomination, who are you trying to help? There is a bull in the china shop, a horse in the hospital, an egotistical chimpanzee in the oval office.  If we don’t get Trump out now, there is no telling if we will ever be able to, or if the White House will even be standing when it’s all over. No sense of ideological purity is worth that.

The slogan for the Washington Post is “Democracy dies in darkness.” These days, I’m not sure if it is a warning or a prophecy.  My fear with reelecting Donald Trump isn’t just that he is a narcissistic, spray-tanned sycophant, but that throughout his presidency he has undermined the very foundations of our government, attacked the press and has effectively made the truth irrelevant.  This is what Trump’s legacy is going to be: lies, misinformation, distrust and darkness. Vote for Biden if he gets the nomination, if not for yourself and your values, then for everyone else who may not make it through another Trump presidency.