The day after: the vice presidential debate

Elena Aragon

The Vice Presidential debate was a hotly contested event on the national scale. Some people raved that Joe Biden came out strong and effective with his simple, to-the-point discussions about the Obama campaign policies and calling out Ryan on his vague, repetitive phrases. Others said that Ryan looked professional and spoke eloquently; Ryan stood up for his beliefs and did not apologize. And even others said that the true star of the night was the moderator, Martha Raddatz, for her efforts in calling out both candidates.

Both candidates seemed to come out swinging and the winner was debated almost as much as the potential vice presidents debated about deploying troops to Afghanistan.

Here’s what people in the Whitman community had to say:

Sophomore Woody Jacobson: “After the first debate there was speculation about the Obama-Biden ticket. However Biden … pushed Ryan into corners and criticized his ambiguity on the big issues. Ryan looked defensive running from Biden’s powerful attacks.”

Sophomore Will Weckel-Dahman: “Ryan avoids the question by relating to the audience, for instance, ‘My Grandma was on Medicare.'”

Sophomore Marga deJong: “I thought it was a lot more exciting than the last debate, because the moderator asked focus, hard questions and was more assertive than Lehrer.”

Sophomore Lucy Portman: “Biden was not too good at answering the rhetorical questions.”

deJong: “Biden was at first arrogant and condescending, but also called Ryan out when he said things that contradicted his prior statements.”

Junior Yessica Palmer: “At least Romney has run a business before.”

Jacobson: “Biden steamrolls Ryan.”