Letters to the Editor: Where’s Quarterlife?

It is well into October and much to my surprise there is still not a hard copy of the first quarterlife publication. Trying to start a new club that has ambitious goals (like publishing three magazines per semester that include all sorts of writing from the Whitman community) presents hoops that few circus tigers would jump through. The latest obstacle was a last minute phone call from our publisher in town saying they would not print the magazine because they did not agree with the content (“I guess Whitman is too liberal for me”). I respect their views and their right as a private company to accept or reject any order but it is unfortunate that they effectively censor us for the time being.

We are searching for new publishers and hopefully we will get the first issue out before the Nov. 3 deadline for submissions for the next issue (we are only doing two issues this semester). This is not a letter of blame targeted at anyone for the delay of the quarterlife magazine; it is merely an explanation to students about what is happening with a portion of their ASWC money and an update on a much anticipated new publication for the college. Hopefully we can get a website up soon and hardcopies of the magazine for everyone to enjoy and see what we are all about.
-Drew Arnold