Breaking: Whitman students participate in protest of recent U-B story


Jake Lee and Abby Malzewski

Photos by Jake Lee.

Editor’s Note: On Monday, March 6, a group protested outside of the Union Bulletin offices downtown. The protest was in response to the U-B’s coverage of the local rape trail. Protestors asserted that the coverage supports rape culture and victim shaming. The Feb. 27 U-B article was entitled: “Victim in Walla Walla rape trial: ‘I was drunk.” The U-B has since released an Editor’s Note: “U-B headline would have been clearer with more context.” The headline has been changed online to “Woman in Walla Walla rape trial recounts night of party.” Protest organizer and Whitman student Amy Heitstuman has now created an online petition to “Say NO to Rape Culture and Victim Blaming in Walla Walla!