TKE Grapples With Basement Writing

Martina Pansze, Editor-In-Chief

This past weekend, The Wire received an anonymous email reporting racist and misogynistic writing in the basement of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE), along with a photo. The writing reads “Not Afraid to ‘Hard R’” and “Tinder Slut.”

The report came at the tail end of a tumultuous Greekend this year, with two car windows found smashed outside of Beta Theta Pi after a party on Friday night and a fire alarm set off in Beta the same evening.

Beneath the most recent writing in TKE, there is a space for tallies. On the walls of fraternity basements, “scoreboards” are typically drawn to keep track of points in drinking games such as beer pong, with nicknames often used.

The identity of the those who wrote the scoreboard, and whether or not the nicknames were in reference to themselves or others, is unclear. The writing has since been covered.

TKE President Kyle Fix ‘19 asserted that a lot of “inappropriate” graffiti is found in the basement throughout the year – usually done with spray paint.

“Things [done in permanent marker] that blend in with what is already there are hard to notice, so I am regretful that we were not able to remove it sooner,” he wrote in an email to The Wire.

“Words implying sexual innuendos and illustrations of coercive sexual activity have been written and illustrated, [and] other able-ist and sexist slurs have been written such as ‘fucktard’ and ‘whore,’” Fix said.

Fix plans on bringing up the incident at the next chapter meeting.

“We’re usually pretty quick to clean or cover them up, and are trying to come up with ways to prevent graffiti/vandalism like this in the future.”

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