Second Drugging of 2017/2018 Reported

Ridley Eastland-Fruit, Web Editor

Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Daren Mooko sent an email to the Whitman community Thursday evening announcing another student drugging has been reported.

The email stated that the drugging had occurred last weekend at “a social gathering off campus” and that the student was supported by their friends.

This comes as the second reported drugging this academic year. There had been no incidents since September 2, when a drugging was reported at an off-campus party. Whitman has grappled with a series of druggings since fall 2016.

In response to the issue, Whitman has trained staff to recognize and respond to drugging incidents and supported police investigations. Greek leaders have increased sober roamers, rethought how drinks are distributed and emphasized checking Whitman IDs at their social functions.

Below is an excerpt from Mooko’s email:

“I wanted to make you aware that a Whitman student reported being drugged over the weekend at a social gathering off campus. At the time, the student was supported by friends.

Drugging other people without their consent is a destructive and offensive act that our community has been dealing with since last year. In response to these reports, we have trained staff on how to identify and respond to druggings and have worked closely with police to investigate. We will continue to focus on this work until we can say that this is no longer an issue that we are facing in our community.”

This article will be updated if more information becomes available.