Whitman changes pay-by-credit policy

Lindsey Brodeck, Staff Reporter

Whitman college faculty recently voted to decrease the maximum credits allowed in the college’s pay by credit policy. This change will go into effect next year. Currently, second semester seniors who petition to pay by credit can take up to eight credits. With the new policy change, the maximum decreases to four credits.

According to the college catalog, the charge for one full semester is $23,745 for the 2016-17 year. The per-credit-hour charge for second semester senior students is $1,979. Typically, college classes are three or four credits, making the cost per class $5,721 or $7,628. Taking eight or fewer credits under the existing pay by credit policy would save students a minimum of over $8,400.

When contacted by The Wire for comment, Whitman faculty and members of the Administration declined to comment until the new policy had been finalized and announced. A message to students is expected in the coming weeks.