Divestment Silently Protests Trustee Meeting


Photo by Karissa Hampson

Marra Clay, Publisher

On Thursday November 5th, members of Divest Whitman placed signs in front of Memorial Building that individually address each trustee on Whitman College’s Governing Board. The trustees are currently on campus for their triannual meeting.

“The inspiration for the signs was our campaign’s shift to a more personal approach with the board” said Divest Whitman member and Campus Climate Coalition president junio Mitchell Cutter. “The project also illuminates how little Whitman students know about the people making many of the decisions that affect them every day at this college.”

The agenda for the trustee meeting is not known publicly and it is not certain if members will address Whitman’s divestment from the fossil fuel industry.

“[These signs] should remind the trustees that we are still here. Our campaign goes on, and we will not stop just because the Board remains silent,” said Cutter. “For now, we stand by the ASWC resolution passed last year calling for a 1% cap on our fossil fuel investments, evaluated every year.”


Photographer Karissa Hampson covered the event.