BREAKING: Shots fired at students running on Lower Waitsburg Road

Rachel Alexander

Two students had shots fired at them while running on Lower Waitsburg Road  last Saturday, Feb. 2. Dean of Students Chuck Cleveland became aware of the incident today and sent an email out to the student body this afternoon.

Cleveland said that he is meeting with the students in question later today to get more details about what happened.

In his email to the student body, he said that the students heard shots behind them that sounded like a .22 caliber rifle.

“Two additional shots landed in the gravel 4-6 feet from them and they took off running back to campus. As they were sprinting towards campus two shots hit the asphalt behind them,” he said.

The students notified police, and Cleveland said he plans to follow up with the Sheriff’s Department. The sheriff’s office could not be reached for comment.

The students’ names have not been released by Cleveland’s office. Cleveland said that this is the first report he has received of students being shot at while running.

The Pioneer will publish more information as it becomes available.