Sorority candidate facts

Hadley Jolley

Alpha Phi

Founded: 1872

First chapter: Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y.

Campuses: 151

Members: 200,000

Mission Statement:
Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in lifelong achievement.

Alpha Gamma Delta

Founded: 1904

First chapter: Syracuse University

Campuses: 184

Members: 155,000

Mission Statement:
Alpha Gamma Delta is an international fraternity for women that exists to provide opportunities for personal development through the spirit of sisterhood.

  • We support lifelong learning as a means to gain understanding and wisdom.
  • We promote the value of fraternal membership and commitment to higher education.
  • We help prepare members to contribute to the world’s work.
  • We advocate lifetime involvement in Alpha Gamma Delta.

Gamma Phi Beta

Founded: 1874

Founding chapter: Syracuse University

Chapters: 171

Members: At least 170,000

Mission Statement:
To foster a nurturing environment that provides women the opportunity to achieve their potential through a lifelong commitment to intellectual growth, individual worth and service to humanity.