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Delta Gamma Anchor Drive fuels Service for Sight fundraising

Thanks to Anchor Drive, a chauffeur service offered by the Delta Gamma womens’ fraternity, wine-tasters at this weekend’s Barrel Tasting event can drink without being a danger on the road. Instead, a designated DG will be available to drive them to and from local wineries.

“It’s our main philanthropy source,” said senior Grace Emery, who directs the service. “We act as designated drivers for people. We’ll pick them up from their hotels, restaurants, wherever.”

Anchor Drive began five years ago and has since expanded. This year, the service is offered year-round, not just during the biggest wine events of the year, such as Barrel Tasting weekend on Dec. 4-6 and Spring Release in May.

“It’s grown a lot,” said Emery. “A lot of people contact us now, we barely even have to advertise. Wine makers even ask us for our business card.”

Anyone can reserve a DG driver in advance. Many DG members sign up, making it one of DG’s most popular community service options.

“It’s so much fun,” said senior Claire Stimson. “People are really chatty and fun; there was one guy last week who kept going on about how much he loved it. Sometimes people will even bring us snacks while we wait in the car.”

Police say Anchor Drive helps reduce local drunk driving, and gave the program a D.U.I. task force award two years ago.

“I think [Anchor Drive] helps a lot,” said Walla Walla Police Officer Kim Bennett, who noted that drunk driving is a problem in Walla Walla. “Society has become a lot more responsible in the use of a designated driver. It’s great to see that sort of thing initiated in the college community.”

Local wine makers also greatly appreciate Anchor Drive, according to Stimson.

“A lot of wine makers commented that they’re really glad we’re there,” she said. “I think the roads are definitely safer than they’ve been in the past. People don’t realize that after a day of wine tasting they can’t really drive safely.”

Anchor Drive has already generated about $800 this semester, a boost in profits from years prior considering that Barrel Tasting, which Emery called the biggest weekend for the program, is yet to come. The service usually makes about $2,000 collectively.

The proceeds annually benefit Service for Sight, Delta Gamma’s national philanthropy. Service for Sight has contributed some of the money to building audible crosswalks on Main Street in Walla Walla.

Though most users of Anchor Drive aren’t students, Emery welcomed students to take advantage of the program.

“Most people who use the service are Whitman professors or alumni,” she said. “But students can use it, too.”

To request Anchor Drive services, visit  www.deltagamma.org.

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