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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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New planes for airport

New planes for airport | SchierlWhen planning your trip home for Thanksgiving, flying out of Walla Walla now may require you to set your alarm clock a few minutes earlier than usual.

On Oct. 27, Horizon Airlines updated their planes flying into Walla Walla Regional Airport from the 37-seat Q200 plane to a 76-seat Q400 twin-engine turboprop.

The new aircraft burns 30% less fuel than the smaller jets and emits 30% less carbon into the atmosphere.

Because of the increase of passengers, guests will need to arrive earlier than previous occasions.

“Earlier just means an hour early like any other airport,” Nancy Tavelli, Associate Dean of Campus Life, said.

According to the newsletter, “The Fountain”, “The Company has not added staff to process travelers or to handle baggage. This means that more time will be needed to get planes loaded for departure.”

Some smaller planes also stop in Pendleton before Walla Walla, but this does not pose any major inconvenience.
Besides these few minor setbacks, the new aircrafts will be more functional, green, and efficient in the long run.

The bigger planes may also travel faster to the destination than the smaller aircrafts.

Instead of two flights, three flights arrive daily, so students now have more options when to fly into Seattle.

In January, the airline might also couple Walla Walla with yet another city, but they are staying where they are for now.

Other than that, the Walla Walla Regional Airport still operates under normal airport procedures, and no major changes in students’ schedules are needed.

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