Rumors spread regarding ‘disorderly’ alumni

Elsbeth Otto

Apparently all fun doesn’t end after college: there are still alumni weekends to get belligerent.
On Sept. 28-30 Whitman hosted the Fall Alumni Weekend, in which a few alumni, reliving their glory days, caused a bit of trouble.

“When the alumni come back on campus they like to relive memories in whatever way they can,” said Jason Arp of the Whitman Alumni Office. “There are very rarely problems, but if there are problems…we will deal with them.” Arp also stressed that if anything was damaged by alumni, “we will work to get that replaced.”

When asked about rumors regarding a fire at the Beta house which may have involved alumni and other incidents in which alumni had to be talked to about their disorderly conduct, Arp said that he didn’t know much. “I have heard that there was a fire outside of the [Beta] house that may have involved a couch or something,” said Arp.

According to Arp, most alumni are very well-behaved, at least when they are on campus. “Alumni as a whole are not interested in causing problems, damaging things,” said Arp. “Although,” added Arp, “every couple years” there is an incident involving rowdy alumni. “Usually it’s just alumni keeping fraternity members up too late.”

Apparently the belligerence doesn’t grow with age, as Arp said that “oftentimes the younger [alumni]” tend to be the trouble makers.