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Vol. CLIV, Issue 4
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So I set some bomber trad and rocked that sick dyno…

In case you ever wondered what on Earth the kids in the Carhartts behind you in line for Fire and Spice were talking about, or just want to sound like a tool, the Pio is here to help with a guide to basic and exciting climbing terms and lingo. Unfortunately we don’t have any stickers to cover your water bottle with, but it’s a start.

Top rope: a climb anchored at the top of the climb (causes the climber to fall the minimal amount).

Sport climbing: the climber clips into various bolts drilled into the rock by clipping a carabiner through the bolt and running the rope through the carabiner.

Trad or traditional climbing: the climber places devices called cams, hexes and nuts (often called “trad gear”) in cracks in the rock instead of drilling anything into the rock. This allows for climbing in more places and is the purist form of climbing but it can be dangerous on loose rock or when not placed properly.

Lead climbing: trad or sport climbing where the climber is the first one up a climb setting gear and clipping in to the bolts (subsequent climbers can then use the set gear and bolts as a sort of top rope setup if they choose).

Multi-pitch climbs: when the climb is longer than the length of one rope necessitating various anchors to be placed along the climb (usually done with two people).

Belay: the technique of one person adjusting the slack in the rope from the ground making sure the climber doesn’t fall to his/her death.

Jamming: a technique used for crack climbing where the climber wedges his/her feet and hands (or whatever body parts will do the trick) into the crack.

Bomber: anything that’s super dependable and high quality: usually referring to the placement of gear, but can refer to anything from your climbing prowess to the sweet Rx Bandits concert last week.

Manky: basically the opposite of ‘bomber’: anything that’s atrocious, terrible or beyond sketchy: usually referring to placement of gear, but can refer to anything from the condition of the rock to James Blunt’s music, face, and mother.

Dyno or dynamic: a move where a climber lunges for his/her next hold without hanging onto anything. Also a synonym for ridiculously badass.

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