Peggy’s Hot Takes

Peggy Li, Opinion Editor

  1. Spikeball isn’t real exercise and looks really stupid
  2.  Why do the palest guys ever take off their shirts on ankeny as soon as it’s like 59 degrees out
  3.  Low key STEM is super boring
  4.  Netflix just has a lot of mediocre stuff
  5. Half of the people who go here only bought birkenstocks so they could fit in
  6.  Goprint sucks
  7.  Why is there always one random dude who unicycles around
  8.  No one who goes here is actually responsible enough to raise a dog at this point in their life
  9. A lot of dudes take their intramural sport way too seriously
  10. Nobody actually cares what any person’s thesis is about
  11. A ‘thesis’ is literally just a longer than usual essay
  12. All the sororities are more or less the same, regardless of what they tell you
  13. Literally a quarter of our student body is just white dudes with brown hair who have really generic names like
  14. If all the girls named some variation of ‘emma’ suddenly disappeared, the gender ratio would be like 50-50
  15. No one cares if you’re ‘actually’ from Seattle
  16. Does anyone actually know what the word ‘dialectic’ means
  17. Some of the Chinese international students could pay tuition with their outfits
  18. No one actually loves STEM majors
  19. Literally like 5 people actually go through with making their own majors
  20. Everyone threatens to transfer halfway through freshman year but only like 2 people actually do