Alex Pitts, Columnist

Aries: As an Aries, you have driven headlong into the first part of this year. Your position as the first sign of the Zodiac has inflated your already healthy ego, and it might be time for a reality check. While you may push away many of the weaker signs, your compatibility with those in your life under the sign of Sagittarius and Virgo will continue to remain strong allies in your campaign against the world.


Taurus: As an Earth sign, these past months have been bittersweet. While you stubbornly thrived despite major setbacks for the first seasons of this cycle, but things are about to change. Things may deteriorate around you, but with hard work you can turn this around. The coming seasons will test you, and you may fail, but only you can control the outcome.


Gemini: This upcoming year will test your split personality. Like your Virgo associates, Mercury’s pull will intensify both the good and the bad in the coming months. Your desire for attention and conversation will net you more quality people in your life. However, this power will turn against you when you are alone; boredom will drive you back to excess and social situations.


Cancer: The moon’s influence has lead you to dedicate yourself to those closest to you. Because of this, your more cursory relationships have suffered. The moon may have driven your moody side forward, which affects those farthest from you negatively. Take note of this and act accordingly, your path is in your control these coming seasons.


Leo: The Sun’s noble energy inspires a similar aura in you. Your proud, dominant nature nets you leadership and positive energy from signs that respect you. You will continue to prioritize love and honor in the upcoming seasons, while keeping your personal goals in sight.


Virgo: Like always, Mercury has ruled you this past year in love and success. In love, the ever-present struggle remains; Mercury’s trajectory will test your current relationships with others, while potentially undermining new ones. Your relationships have grown in friendship but suffered in love, as usual. Mercury has big things in store for you, and all you can do is wait for it without knowing the outcome.


Libra: As an Air sign, balance and harmony drive your trajectory in the world. This has served you well this past year, and will continue to do so. Libra’s know the power of the heavens in their life, and will continue on the path they have found themselves in for the best.


Scorpio: Scorpios will be punished in the coming seasons for all of their mistakes, which are innumerable. Your headstrong and smug attitude has gotten you into too many predicaments and it’s time to pay the price. Seriously, you have messed up recently, and it’s time to reflect and hopefully grow. Luckily, this change in your life will bring new people and energy, albeit you will surely repeat your mistakes again. Good luck, you’ll need it.


Sagittarius: The coming months will test you. Jupiter’s swing forebodes over the next few seasons, but you will emerge stronger than ever when the inevitable trials pass over you. Fire signs like you know how to think and work through tough problems, but the coming seasons will test your limits. Like usual, you will succeed and become more powerful than ever.


Capricorn: You have been thriving recently and you will continue to do so. Because you have put so much work and energy into your success and future, your relationships with others might need some extra work in the coming months. It will be hard, but if you give others just a fraction of what you give yourself, you will be rewarded tenfold.


Aquarius: Your people-oriented nature has lead you astray recently. It’s time to take stock of all your emotional investments and reorient yourself accordingly. Balance might do you well, but you might also want to consider taking a few nights in, to really think about where you’re going. 


Pisces: The push and pull of your sign has good things in store for you.