Three easy college meals inspired by CoHo cooks

Grace Canny, this article is dedicated to Paloma Link

You know and love them: CoHo cooks. Whitman’s own three aspiring chefs, creating a daring blend of flavors from Omaha, Seattle and Encitas. @coho_cooks on Instagram has risen to fame among the burgeoning Walla Walla gastronomy scene for their ingenious creations and underdone eggs. As the greatest inspiration for my own cooking Instagram, I thought I could try my hand at three recipes to help the humble you or me cook like the greats.

Recipe one: Mac and cheese with eggs and ground beef.

This one is an oldie but a goodie. You will need three boxes of Annie’s white cheddar mac and cheese, one pound of ground beef and six eggs. Prepare mac and cheese, according to box instructions. While the water is boiling, start browning your beef. Finish the mac and cheese, and combine the cheese sauce and noodles. Now, mix in the ground beef until the entire dish is gray and slop textured. Last step, barely fry two eggs. Add to slop. Enjoy! 

Recipe two: Steak, eggs and beans.

This is a meal for a special occasion. You will need steak, baked beans and two eggs. Reserve the steak for the beans. Cook the steak to raw, just a notch above freshly dead. Set aside. Prepare the baked beans on the stovetop, according to the can instructions. Cut the steak into small chunks, and add to the beans to cook for seven minutes. Next, barely fry one egg. Plate the steak and beans. Final touch: crack one raw egg on top of the meal. Delish!

Recipe three: Burgers with mac and cheese.

You will need two pounds of ground beef, lettuce, buns, mac, cheese and eggs. First, form burger mix; it’s not important how you do it. Next, make mac and cheese according to the box. Set aside and let cool. Cook (barely) the burger patty and toast the buns. Assemble the burger with lettuce and mac and cheese. This recipe’s plating inspo comes from SpongeBob’s Nasty Patty. Finishing touch: crack one raw egg on top. 

The most important step of any recipe is the picture afterwards. Serve on Target dinnerware, and remember to use flash! Maybe add one more egg for good measure, and voila! You’re on track to becoming legendary!