Four and a half things you can do on your next stand-alone spring break day

Cade Schott, Journalist and not that into you

On Monday, March 8, Whitman so generously gifted its students one of the spring break days they have scheduled throughout the semester as a substitute for the usual two-week break. If you had trouble making the most of the day off, fear not because here are some things to do next Spring Break Day.

1) Read some of a book

That book you got for Christmas has been sitting on your nightstand all semester. Occasionally, you catch a glimpse and think to yourself, “I’ll read when I have time.” With your day off you can read the first 26 pages before school ramps back up tomorrow and classwork overwhelms you! 

2) Call your mother

Oops, you got her voicemail! She was at work because when you’re an adult there are no Spring Break Days. When she calls you back, she tells you the family dog, who is 14, has been sick lately and it is too bad you won’t be coming home for an actual spring break to see him one last time. 

3) Try to make eclairs only to realize the learning curve is pretty steep and you are not an experienced baker and now the kitchen is trashed and all you have to show for it are doughy little piles of failure

What a disastrous waste of three hours! Now your roommates are upset because they want to use the kitchen, so you spend an additional hour cleaning, which feels especially humiliating because it forces you to confront what an utter disappointment this has been. 

4) Go to Safeway and try to eat as much as you can before being physically forced to leave

The current record is three bananas, two donuts, an entire jar of strawberry jam, one carrot, half a pound of thin-sliced turkey breast, four ibuprofen, five hotdogs (cold), one handful of potato salad (hot) and a small bag of shredded cheese. 

4.5) Confront your dad about why he never hugged you growing up