Local evil overlord quits job to become a banker

Kiara Paninos, disgraced middle school class president

The once menacing and grotesque Evil Overlord Gree D. Bich took everyone by surprise when he announced quitsies on his career path of doom and gloom. Even more shocking was his transition into investment banking. 

Not many have made a successful jump from the fiery pits of destruction and control to the passive aggressive rules of corporate life. It’s like actors trying to switch from TV to blockbuster movies. Not an easy thing to do. The Wire landed an exclusive interview with Mr. Bich to get the scoop on his decision to switch things up so dramatically.

Illustration by Anika Vucicevic.

“It was just so much pressure, you know? Always having to be yelling, setting things on fire and sentencing people to death is really exhausting. Plus there’s no health insurance in the Overlord Industry, and I’ve got this trick knee that needs surgery,” says Mr. Bich.

Indeed, the lack of benefits is a common complaint from overlords across the world. Not having a retirement plan is a big stressor for individuals in the field, and only really wealthy rulers can afford a therapist to talk about how to manage stress and unleash anger destructively.

When asked about his new life as a banker, Mr. Bich expressed satisfaction with the career, despite not yet fully understanding his updated job description. “All I know right now is that being ‘part of the system’ is still satisfying my desire to be evil, but the hours are better and I get sick days!” Mr. Bich did express some discomfort in the physical office space, stating that his desk was too small for him and there’s no place to put his sword.