Delta Gamma Nuclear Program Reaches New Heights

Clara Wheeler, Super Professional

Whitman’s own chapter of Delta Gamma has reportedly filed a demand with the United States government to become their own sovereign nation, called DelGameria. This demand, which was initially met with scoffs and condescending head pats, is being taken more seriously after Delta Gamma revealed that they have been stockpiling guns and nuclear weapons in order to defend their claim. These weapons, acquired either on Amazon or homemade, may indeed garner a legitimately recognized sovereignty for the sorority.

Although DelGameria is not officially releasing statements at this time, some rather impressive journalistic work led to the discovery of a drunk DelGamerian at a frat party in Sig who was willing to talk.

“It started out as community service, but we all really want our own salvrin-sovri-sol…our own country!” said Yawni Febreze while slightly squatting in a group of other DelGamerians, all with their hands on their knees.

Febreze also mentioned that Delta Gamma already had its own patriotic songs, symbols, and hierarchy, and all that the sorority really needed to establish independence was territory.
The nation of DelGameria currently only exists as two floors in a corner of Prentiss, but our sources have confirmed that they plan to expand. “Hopefully to that big-ass presidential-looking white house with the gold-plated gutters near Clinton Courts,” the current Supreme Leader Natalie Undergaard has said. The current residents of the house show no indication of leaving, despite the large arsenal that DelGameria possesses.

Undergaard also mentioned that as part of the initiation process, the new members had to serve time as a part of their budding military, that has an active presence in the east of campus around Maxey. However, recent satellite imaging indicates a trend of movement further up Boyer, possibly extending all the way to the admissions building. While the DelGamerian army may or may not pose a threat to international relations, they certainly do pose for many pictures and even have their own Instagram page.

At press time, DelGameria received an invitation to send a delegate to the United Nations, and an embassy is being constructed in Washington, D.C.