Pros and Cons of Joining ASWC

Ben Freedman, staff writer


  • Nice way to boost deflated ego
  • Modest resumé builder
  • First-hand experience working inside an obsolete governing body
  • Pay helps subsidize weed habit
  • Keeps parents believing you have productive time at school
  • Can be used as an ice breaker at dinner parties
  • Sexual tensions involved in communal late night crafting of campus policy might help getting laid


  • Mandatory Sunday meetings turn weekend into hollow shell of a break  
  • Exceedingly large amount of monotonous memories
  • Not as similar to House of Cards as expected
  • Frequent divestment related filibusters
  • Limited electoral competition to smear with targeted attack ads
  • Incessant begging of Kathleen Murray to give student government actual power
  • Moral qualms of embezzling summer internship grant funds