Backpage presents: Educational films

Reed Hendrickson

The act of studying consists of checking, searching for YouTube videos, and finding new music on the internet. However, usually these do not accomplish anything besides extending study time and giving you an excuse to say you got less sleep than the other Whitman student. You were “studying so late last night.” This continuous system ramps up the stress. If this sounds like you, I have a couple videos that will help you distress through laughter and confusion.

My technique for doing well in school is busts of hard studying and watching videos that do not make sense to most people. These videos have been scientifically proven by the neuroscientists and psychologists of Dr. Steve Brule, Eric Wareheim, and Tim Heidecker. By studying for a solid 25-35 minutes then watching one to two of these under 5 minute videos, your brain will absorb the delicious content while making your mind health and happy. You can think of these videos like an apple, but not a candied apple, doctors do not approve of those.

Go to Adultswim and look for donkey-is-mans-best-friend:

Go to adultswim and look for dr-steve-brule-green-grocer:

Search for Universe-Tim and Eric on Youtube and it is the second one:

Search for Griddleman on Youtube and it’s the first video:

Search T&E on Youtube and it is the first link:

Search Legend of the Pipers on Youtube and it is the first link:

If you search Dr. Steve Brule or Tim and Eric on Youtube then any of the videos will be the perfect mental reset and some even give you great ideas.

One final one is Brother to Brother Dr. Steve Brule: