Whitman Riddles

Natalie Berg

Illustration by Lya Hernandez.

I’m the perfect cure for your hangover. Though I’m a little hectic,┬ábrave the crowds. I’m worth the wait.

I’m that friend you never talk to, but I’ve been a symbolic part of your Whitman experience. Heck, I’m probably in your profile picture.

People usually have a strong reaction when you mention me. For plenty of first-years, I’m a bonding experience, and when you look back, you realize I was pretty basic.

If you talk to me, you ruin me. I’m a bit of an anomaly on campus, but I have some loyal (and very productive) followers. Once you visit me, you’ll keep coming back.

I’ve inspired many a Halloween costume. Although I provide lots of variety, I’m pretty unique. You could even say I’m a little twisted, but you find me funny all the same.



(answers: brunch, Styx, Gen Chem, the quiet room, George Bridges’s bow ties)