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Vol. CLIV, Issue 8
Whitman news since 1896

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Whitman news since 1896

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Whitman Crossword

In honor of our 10th issue, we give you a crossword about… Whitman!

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1. Tallest building on campus

2. _____ Duckum

3. Residence hall named for a professor

5. Popular first-year course selection

6. Japanese house

7. Recently reclaimed Prentiss Hall section

10. Former “Health Center”

11. Tennis Center namesake

12. Two unrelated professors share this name

13. Outdoorsy major

14. Douglas’s house

15. Frisbee team

16. Whitman pastime

17. Whitman’s plans require this

18. Because he wrote the Whitman hymn, they named a building after him

19. These Prentiss residents are on top

20. Sirens of _____

21. “Two-____!”

22. Prentiss specialty

23. Initiation ritual

24. Whitman’s wife

25. “Studly” a capella group

27. Former fraternity house

28. Cultural _________


1. Director of Encounters

2. Counseling Center friend

3. Student leadership organization

4. Director of the Asian Studies department

5. Founder of the college (first name)

6. Deciduous larch tree

7. A in GAC

8. Founder of the college (last name)

9. Whitman brochure buzzword

11. Styx’s sculptor

12. Whitman’s plans require this

14. Encounters writer and breakfast food

15. Recently deceased professor and sculptor

17. Thǝy sing wǝll

18. G in GAC

19. Everyone’s favorite Encounters text

20. This professor is an alum

21. “Place of the rye grass”

22. Unique and daunting major

23. Abyss, trench, shaft (also a Jewett section)

26. Future Oscar winners’ major

28. Popular on-campus job+

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