Students List Plans for Weeks of Relaxation

Elena Aragon

Illustration by Sophie Cooper-Ellis

Voices of the community:

“Starting ‘House of Cards.’ Right now it’s like I’m living under a rock. I can’t communicate with anyone else because that’s all they ever talk about!”- female sophomore

“I’m planning on tweeting my 1000th tweet.”- male junior

“The highlight of my break will definitely be going home to San Diego, [Calif.] to absorb some sun rays, which have been absent from here for five months.” – dejected female senior

“I’m going to finish my philosophy reading that was assigned two weeks ago!” – excited female first-year

“A lot of people are going to cool places like Hawaii. But my plan is to watch ‘The Life of Mammals’ on Netflix.”- female junior biology major

“Having my mom do my laundry” – male first-year 

“Visiting my high school.”- female first-year

“Drinking to forget my impending thesis deadline and wide open and endless future.” – senior

“Eating.” – everyone