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Vol. CLIV, Issue 8
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Harry Potter Crossword Puzzle

Illustration by Luke Hampton



1. This mirror shows your longings

4. He was a good elf

7. Trelawney’s “subject”

8. Harry’s mother

9. Fudge’s replacement

11. Hogsmeade sweet shoppe

13. This professor is a ghost

16. Harry’s first crush

17. Someone who catches dark wizards

18. Female Triwizard competitor

19. Mad-Eye’s first name

20. Notoriously strange wizarding family

22. Harry’s first broomstick

23. Pettigrew’s alias

26. Voldemort’s most loyal follower

28. Myrtle won’t stop doing this

29. Narcissistic former professor


2. Harry’s owl

3. Troublesome reporter ____ Skeeter

5. Whatever you fear most

6. Voldemort’s snake

7. Krum’s alma mater

9. Wizard-born but without powers

10. Tonks’s first name

11. Voldemort, kind of

12. Popular wand shop

14. Dumbledore’s phoenix

15. Wizarding daily news

20. Albus’s brother

21. Hagrid’s hippogriff

23. Not her daughter, you … witch

24. Moony

25. First to open the Chamber of Secrets

27. Fan of radish earrings

Answers will be posted online next week.

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