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Vol. CLIV, Issue 8
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World Geography Crossword

This Week’s Theme: World Geography



1. Location of the 2008 Olympics

4. Country with capital city called Phnom Penh

7. French-speaking Canadian province

9. Landlocked country surrounded entirely by landlocked countries

11. Mt. Everest location

14. Small landlocked country surrounded by its only neighbor

16. Democracy in Southern Africa

19. Not Constantinople

20. Enormous canal

21. Continent with the highest average elevation


1. Capital of Venezuela

2. This river flows to the Dead Sea

3. Cote d’______

5. Guatemala claims this country as its own

6. Largest island on the planet

7. Saudi Arabia’s neighbor

8. Earth’s largest inland sea

10. Historic Polish city

11. Huge South American mountain range

12. Parisian river

13. Lisbon’s location

15. Finnish capital

16. Beethoven’s birthplace

17. Japanese metropolis

18. Least populous U.S. state


Answers will be posted online next week.

If you have feedback or suggestions for puzzle themes, please email [email protected]

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