Student excited to start winter break

Elena Aragon

Illustration by Lya Hernandez.

Yay, finally time for a relaxing break after a harrowing semester. Ahh, what should I do first? Check book lists, you say? Nonsense, it’s only Dec. 19. My brain needs a break from any sort of academic thinking. Man, these past few weeks have been rough. I can’t wait to get home to lie around on my parents’ couches, eat all their delicious food stocked up in the fridge and be generally lazy. It’ll be great to get a break from that ramen diet. Looking out the window of my off-campus house, I’m surprised at how many kids are still chillin’ around campus, especially when so many of them already left as soon as finals ended. I guess their flights were delayed.

There are so many things I am looking forward to when I go home. I mean, recreational pot became legal. I wonder if Denver is going to smell all roasty-toasty and green. Hopefully I’ll also get to shred some crazy Rocky Mountain pow. And it’ll be so weird to enter 2014. Even numbers are so odd.

Wait, why has there been a stream of fancy SUVs coming in from Bellevue, Wash. to the Jewett Hall parking lot? None of this is making any sense. Get your asses back to the west side. It’s time for holiday festivities!! Woah, some rando just walked in my house, telling me some ridiculous story that they are staying here for Wilderness First Responder, which just … ended? How the … ?!?! Are you saying winter break is over? NOOoo!!