Hipster Romantic Viewspots on Campus

Elena Aragon

Sick of the same old date spot being eating the “Taste Of” at Reid for dinner? Mainstream spots have you down? Here is a list of even better date spots on or near Whitman’s campus. Come enjoy them before they get too trendy!

Behind Prentiss Dining Hall – What could be more lovely than the smell of rotting trash? Enjoy a post-brunch soirée admiring the large garbage dumpsters between Prentiss and Anderson. The combination of a ton of cars and giant dumpsters is not an eyesore, but rather an excited visual arena!

The parking lot of Baker Ferguson Fitness Center/Clarette’s – This location offers the prime opportunity to watch other people get sweaty next door at the gym, combined with the smell of cooking eggs. If that is not enough, perhaps the constant flow of traffic will add to the allure of this lovely place.

The biology lab wing of the Science Building – Dead sharks and cats can keep you and your loved one company in this wing of the science building, but as they lay back in their preservatives, you will not feel terribly intruded upon. The smell of chemicals as well as the occasional student studying will be sure to provide a romantic feel.

The main floor library couches – Who needs a room when you could have an intimate moment with your partner right in front of all the front desk clerks, all incoming library traffic and the WTCS dudes? The couches are comfy and the privacy is unparalleled. A professor might even come by to say hello depending on the time of day!

The entrance to Cordiner off of Boyer Ave., not Park Street – Are comfy couches not your thing? Well then come here by the cement stairs near the backstage entrance. Slightly obscured from street view, this place is pristine and if you’re lucky, there will be only minimal dip spit and old gum hanging around down there.