Fall’s Worst Fusion Foods

Elena Aragon

Pumpkin and Blue Cheese –– Pumpkin added to good ole blue cheese brings polar opposites together in one scrumptious taste.

Allspice Cheese Cake –– Looking for something sweet? Well this isn’t for you. This dessert is the perfect combination of super spicy and no flavor.

Eggnog with Acorns –– Ever felt that eggnog is not textured enough? Well now it is with the addition of hearty acorns. Don’t choke!

Squash Enchiladas –– What could be better than filling a warm enchilada with soupy squash rather than melted cheese and meat? So vegan friendly.
Pumpkin Seed Croissant –– Forget chocolate chips, just add some raw pumpkin seeds to your already made croissants. Mm, so French.
Turkey Salmon Salad –– Land and sea combine in the best way for this salad sandwich. Don’t go light on the mayonnaise!
Sweet Potato-Infused Chocolate Mousse –– The mushy quality of sweet potatoes could not be better suited than when paired with delicious chocolate in one giant mousse mixture.
Cinnamon Baked Potatoes –– Think rosemary is the spice to add to your potatoes? Think again with the seasonal favorite of cinnamon. You’ll feel like you’re diving into fall itself.
Apple Cider Soaked Lasagna –– It’s time to get new age with everyone’s two favorite things. Tomato sauce is boring when compared to sweet and bubbly apple cider as a sauce.
Cranberry Chili Stew –– A classic combination of sweet and savory. This would have been a traditional Thanksgiving dish if the pilgrims had just landed a little farther south.