Mythical Beasts & Where to Find Them

Elena Aragon

Illustration by Lya Hernandez



1. Napoleon Dynamite’s favorite thing to draw in class or on the bus

3. Their heads are not well-suited to headers, as they would puncture the soccer ball every time.

5. Persian legend, lion/human/shark

7. Also the name for a summer concert series at the Gorge

9. Buckbeak is a _______________

11. The official mythological creature of Wyoming


2. A lion-bird-woman, immortalized by a well-known Egyptian statue

4. A lion/eagle that represents military courage

6. Puff the Magic ___________________

8. A man/horse, a colony of which lived in the Forbidden Forest in the Harry Potter books

10. The famous occupant of the place mentioned in the title of the second Harry Potter Book

12. The Little_______ (think Disney)


1. Liger

2. Sphinx

3. Unicorn

4. Griffin

5. Manticore

6. Dragon

7. Sasquatch

8. Centaur

9. Hippogriff

10. Basilisk

11. Jackelope

12. Mermaid