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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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A Tool for Hosting Prospective Students: Brought to You by the Office of Admission

Illustration by Kelsey Lund
Illustration by Kelsey Lund

Hello, Whitman Hosts!
Do you feel weird around your prospie? Does it seem like they don’t want to do anything? Do they sit quietly and look longingly at stuff, or text all the time? You want them to have a good time. You want them to want to go to Whitman because you love it. It’s certainly for the love of Whitman and not the $10. But then, you have this prospie and you want to make them happy, you don’t know what they want to do or what they want to see, and they are too shy to ask.
Worry no more, hosts! The Office of Admission is here to help you. Below is a list of typical activities at Whitman, conveniently checkable. Give this to your prospie and have them check activities and questions they have concerning Whitman so that you can give them exactly what they want.

Hello, Prospective Student!
We hope you love your visit to Whitman College. To maximize your experience here, we would appreciate it if you looked at the below list. Tell us what you want to know, where you want to go and what you want to do. When you are done checking, give this list back to your host and they will get working. Enjoy your visit!

What Does _____ Mean?
Gender is a Spectrum
The Condemned House, “Condemned”
The FAH, The Coop, CoHo, Troy
The Quiet Room
WEB (pronounced “web”)
ASWC (pronounced “as-wack”)
The Clarette’s Challenge*
Humans Being
Phi and Phigi
The O.P.
Reid Campus Center, Student Center, “Reid” (pronounced “read”)
The Pio
Varsity Nordic
Mem (pronounced “mem”)
Lakum Dukum (pronounced “lake-um duck-um”)
The Sweets

I Would Like To…
Go for a climb
Go to the gym
Go for a swim
Go for a bike ride
Take a nap
See the wheat fields
See some theater or a sports game
Play Ultimate on Ankeny
Go to a ____ class
Check out the ____ building
Bake a pie or some cookies
Have a jam session
Do the Clarette’s Challenge*
Chill out

Dance My Ass Off ______
in the TKE basement (pronounced “teak”)
in the Beta basement (pronounced “bay-tuh”)
in the Sig basement (pronounced “sig”)
at Phi/Phigi (pronounced “fee-gee”)
at Condemned
at The Ocho

Make Out/Hook Up With Someone…
(see list above and/or request extended off-campus houses list)

Why Are People Always Talking About _______?
Being at the library
Pioneer Park
IM Sports
The Patisserie, “The Patiss”
Maple Counter
The Sweets
The Testostertones, “The T-tones”
Settlers of Catan, “Settlers”
Magic: The Gathering, “Magic”

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