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A Gluten-Free Walla Walla Restaurant Guide

One would think at first glance that Walla Walla would be a difficult place to navigate while being gluten-free. However, restaurants old and new have a great variety of options beyond soups and salads to accommodate for the gluten-free foodie without having many hoops to jump through.

Green Spoon

Specifically designating specific dishes as gluten-free has become more and more the style of new and trendy restaurants, and Green Spoon does an excellent job at this. Even menu items that would otherwise seem impossible without wheat products (such as the fried chicken and waffles) are strictly gluten-free options on their menu. This makes Green Spoon a good place to go out and try something off the beaten path.


Italian food is often the least navigable of waters when it comes to the gluten-free lifestyle––at least when it comes to dining out. From pasta to bread to breadcrumbs tucked away in sauces and meatballs alike, it’s a veritable dietary minefield out there. Jacobi’s, by comparison to that description, is a veritable paradise: Most menu items offer gluten-free substitutions so that you can enjoy your spaghetti and meatballs without fear. Just ask!

Hidden Valley Bakery

Located out past the airport, this is a bakery that goes the extra mile. One-third of the bakery’s 3000-square-foot facility is devoted strictly to producing gluten-free bread products, according to their Facebook page. This means that there is no danger of contamination in their baked goods, and that they make a whole bunch of gluten-free goodies. In addition to the expected loaves of bread, they also bake scones, danishes, bagel dogs and focaccia to just name a few. Hidden Valley also caters to vegan and soy-free diets.

Aloha Sushi

So long as tempura is avoided, sushi tends to be a safe bet when avoiding gluten. This makes downtown Walla Walla’s very own sushi restaurant a pretty safe haven for the gluten-averse. Just ask if your sushi has any soy sauce in it already, for most soy sauces (unless otherwise noted) contain gluten. For dipping, bring your own bottle; it’s worth it.

The Garden Vegan Cafe

As The Garden Vegan Cafe already caters to the niche vegan community, it’s not a large leap for the restaurant to also provide gluten-free menu items. From salads to soups to rice bowls to smoothies, just about everything on the menu also fits gluten-free criteria. Perfect for the diner who is also willing to forgo meat and cheese.


So long as you avoid burritos or anything with a flour tortilla, gluten-free diners are in the clear to eat a whole smattering of tacos at any of the taquerias in town. The only thing left to be wary of is carne asada––there is often secret gluten in that delicious meat.

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