Senior artist profile: Zoe Ballering

Libby Arnosti

Credit: Allie Felt

“I probably am, unfortunately, flowery. I’m trying to tone that down. I draw my inspiration from the absurd. I like to search for real [but] absurd stories––right now I’m stuck in absurd Wisconsin 1930s stories. I think that the world is already pretty ridiculous, so I don’t think I have to make stuff up.”

“[During] my sophomore year I lived in the writing house; I was scared of everyone. So I went with my roommate and we went to [Bennington] lake and we played in the mud. And I have never been so filthy. I feel like it probably improved my skin––or, like, made it worse and made me radioactive or something.”

“My friends would probably say that I am funny and neurotic in ways that they think are not reasonable. Like, I like to start things at exactly 9:00, or 9:30. My roommate always wants to go to bed at, like 12:27, but that’s just ridiculous [laughs].”

I have somehow ended up working with children a lot. So I’m hoping to do Americorps and work in a school somewhere . . . I might end up just staying in Walla Walla for the next year. I like Walla Walla. It gets a lot of flack, but it’s a really interesting place.”