Senior artist profile: Carrie Sloane

Libby Arnosti

Credit: Allie Felt

“I originally applied to a pretty well-known arts school for undergrad, but I decided I didn’t want to go there because I was like ‘but what about music?’ I am minoring in [visual arts], and I’ve taken a lot of classes in it. I think that Whitman’s really unique in that you can really do both.”

“In my ear training class sophomore year, our last assignment was to write music for, and act and sing in, an operetta. My group did ours about swine flu, and it was really melodramatic and ridiculous and funny. I wrote an aria that I sang, and I don’t really sing, so that was actually really scary.”

“I’m really excited about something I’m playing in right now––my piano teacher Kristin Vining is actually also a composer, and she’s written some music for a modern dance show. It’s less rigid than traditional classic music. There’s one piece where I just improvise the whole time, which is just really fun.”

“I’ve been looking more into careers that are related to visual art. I applied to some internships this summer, in concept art––so that’s coming up with concepts and illustrating them for video games or movies. I think that would be really cool.”