A Thanksgiving break guide from The Pioneer

Hanna Ory

Thanksgiving break is upon us, offering a full 10 days to temporarily escape the mayhem known to take over campus as finals approach. While many students use this time to catch up on school work and prepare for the ensuing weeks, it is important to also make time for the much-needed break that you deserve.

Be sure to spend some quality time with the family, catch up with old friends, sleep in and relax. Try whipping up some of our recipes with your family, sure to be a hit at any of your holiday celebrations. For a calm night in with friends we offer some classic cinematic choices, and finally, for the much anticipated “you” time, curl up with a blanket and a book from our recommended book list. For those of you staying on campus this break, check out our top 5 list for some fun events happening around Walla Walla this week.

Whatever you decide to do this break, we hope that you find it enjoyable and relaxing.

Happy holidays!