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Movies I like that you should like also

Movies are an art form so accessible that everyone is an enthusiast and a critic. While many people throw up their hands in despair when viewing a Pollock, everyone likes movies. Everyone. So recommending movies is a tricky business. Here are 10 movies that I like and think everyone should see.

1.   Anything by Wes Anderson. Anything.
While it might just be the indie kid soul in me, I love Wes Anderson in his entirety; every movie is great, in my opinion. The most accessible is probably “The Royal Tenebaums,” a quirky family drama featuring a terrific ensemble cast. It’s hilarious; it’s sad; it’s amazing. Like every Wes Anderson movie. Watch it and be liberated.

2.   “The Graduate”
As college students, “The Graduate” is a terrifying, electrifying movie. It’s also extremely funny and well acted, as well as revolutionary for cinema in general. And the ending, oh! the ending! The moment at the end defines the entire movie; it’s gorgeously subtle and wonderful. It’s a great, great movie that is almost universally beloved. Watch it and be terrified.

3.   “District 9”
Science fiction, in it’s purest form, is about ideas. And giant battle scenes. “District 9” has both, with a social commentary on South Africa packed seamlessly into its neat structure. The main actor, Sharlto Copley, has never been seen on screen before, and he carries the movie! If you love great movies, see this one. It doesn’t disappoint. Watch it and be awesome.

4.   “Die Hard”
The movie that made Bruce Willis into an action star is unquestionably one of the best of its genre. If you have seen it before, watch it again. It is is incredibly entertaining, violent and fun.

5.   “Pulp Fiction”
Quentin Tarantino  is a master at transforming humorless things into hilariously disturbing black comedy. I laughed at drug overdose, rape and random killing. But the real reason to see this movie, aside from it’s Academy Award-winning screenplay and great cast, can be summed up with one name: Samuel L. Jackson. Watch it else I lay my vengeance upon thee.

6.   “(500) Days of Summer”
A nontraditional romantic comedy with a nonlinear narrative, this movie is funny and a joy to watch. Surprisingly, this movie tested better with men than with women in screenings, although each gender was fairly enthusiastic. It comes out on DVD on Dec. 22, just in time for the holidays. Watch it and fall in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (or admire Zooey Deschanel).

7.   “Up”
Pixar seems to know just how to make animated movies without many of the frustratingly irritating characters present in other animations (like talking squirrels, for example). “Up” is no exception; in fact, the beginning is actually very sad, though the film itself is lighthearted. It just came out on DVD Nov. 10, so watch it and be uplifted.

8.   “Star Trek”
It’s rare that adaptation movies strike a balance between appealing to fans of the original source material and trying to reach broader demographics, but “Star Trek” did that. With cameos from Leonard Nemoy, the original Spock, as well as a hilarious (but minor) role by Simon Pegg, this movie has it all.

9.   “Moon”
An independent science fiction movie without any epicocity, Moon is a tricky but fascinating movie that is extremely well-acted and well-shot. Plus, Kevin Spacey is the voice of a creepy robot named Gerty. What’s not to like?

10.   “Drag Me To Hell”
Before Sam Raimi directed all three “Spider-Man” movies, he got famous directing low-budget cult horror movies. He returned to his roots with “Drag Me To Hell,” a horror thriller with about a curse put on a loan officer. Plus, it has Justin Long, which is always an added bonus. Watch it and go to hell.

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