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Vol. CLIV, Issue 5
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Whitman students’ favorite holiday traditions

Every year, my family puts a Jewish star on top of our Christmas tree. I think it’s the only way that, as Jews, we can justify celebrating Christmas. And it looks awesome. Also, once we got yarmulkes (traditional Jewish hats) in our stockings.

– Jonas Myers, first-year

When my mom and my uncles were little, they would get very distracted waiting for Santa to come. In order to keep them busy, my grandma decided to have beef fondue for dinner on Christmas Eve. Because it involves cooking your own food, it kept them from tearing the house down. Now, on the night before Christmas, my whole family goes to my Grandma’s for fondue.

– Robyn Metcalfe, first-year

Decorating and placing presents under the traditional Hanukkah bush, which is similar to a Christmas tree but different in several subtle ways . . . (it’s shorter and rounder).

– Cory Rand, first-year

We always have pumpkin soup served out of an actual hollowed out pumpkin before Thanksgiving dinner.

– Allison Armstrong, senior

My mom has these Martha Stuart butter molds so all of our Thanksgiving butter is in the shape of acorns or leaves. We are only allowed to eat that butter during the meal.

– Claire Ostwald, first-year

Dancing ’round the Festivus pole.

-Nick Cross, first-year

My family likes to go for hikes on Thanksgiving. It’s a good way to get out of the house, enjoy the fall air and work off the food we just ate.

– Dena Wessel, first-year

One of my favorite holiday traditions is making eggrolls with my family at Christmas. Everyone sits together and rolls them and then we all help my dad fry them up in a wok and then eat them with miso soup.

– Isabella Lowery, first-year

Every year around Christmas my family and I go into downtown Seattle to shop and ┬áride the merry-go-round and it’s probably one of my favorite days of the year!

-Mollee Huisinga, first-year

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