Top 10 places to study

Hanna Ory

Simultaneously with the start of classes comes the initially exciting and soon to be all too frequent trips to Penrose Library. As workloads increase, so do the number of students swarming the library. For a change of scenery, or simply to avoid the crowds, try these study locale alternatives.

1. Reid Coffeehouse If you are the group-study-tables-by-the-window type, try this equally loud alternative. The background noises of the post office, bookstore, and café matched with continuous people-watching possibilities, make the basement of Reid the ultimate multi-tasking location: come prepared with some light reading, but expect the opportunity to catch up with many of your friends.

2. Benches Along College Stream Located between Prentiss Hall and Boyer Avenue, College Stream provides a quaint, shaded, outdoors environment for leisurely studying.

3. Olin Classrooms An excellent alternative to study rooms in the library, Olin classrooms are large and feature full-size chalkboards and plenty of outlets. While classes are not in session, there is generally no problem of availability, and Olin is open 24 hours a day. For the snaziest classrooms, check out the brand new East wing of the building.

4. Science Atrium If you enjoy the focused solitude of a cubicle, try this equally abandoned yet less confined and much more ambient location.

5. Upstairs Classrooms in Memorial When classes are not in session, these two hidden classrooms on the third floor of Memorial Building offer a quiet, large study area with plenty of natural light and large chalkboards. Their best feature, however, are the many oversized, plush leather swivel-chairs that reside in both rooms.

6. Picnic Table Behind Penrose Located on the northwest corner outside of Penrose, this table is a perfect study locale when the weather is warm. Aside from the occasional foot traffic, it’s a quiet area where you can absorb sunshine, as well as take advantage of the extremely short walk inside the library if you need to print.

7. Prentiss Great Hall Prentiss Great Hall features a private conference room complete with a large meeting table and a nice view of the Prentiss courtyard. Across the hall, a small study lounge is available with couches, small tables, and a fireplace.

8. Study Rooms on the Top Floor of Reid Almost identical to the study rooms in the library, these small study rooms are quiet and provide group tables and a whiteboard.

9. Narnia If you enjoy studying outside, this quiet and pristine locale cornered between the Admissions Office and Maxey Hall serves as a focused, unspoiled place to read or study.

10. Maxey Hall Alcove Located on the second floor of Maxey, this small study lounge will remain open during the building’s renovation, and features plush chairs and excellent views of Ankeny.