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Inbox [100]: Spam!

September 21, 2006

by Sarah McCarthy Among my dirty secrets, this may well be the dirtiest: that I sort of love spam email. The only possibly dirtier secret is that one time, in Paris, I watched the entire first season of "The O.C." and sort of loved that too. That fact, though, is best not dwelt upon, so instead I shall ...

Missing Whitman in France

September 14, 2006

by Emma Wood   Hello: I miss you. I miss you when I read the student listserves: Core books for sale; sex talk with Sharon Osborn. I miss you when I tell people I'm from Walla Walla and they make me repeat it three times fast. I write to you from the coast of France, a small town called Brest. Eighty...

Letters to the editor

September 14, 2006

To the editor: Between 1990 and 1992 I taught at Whitman as a sabbatical replacement in the sociology department, and I have the highest regard for my Whitman faculty colleagues. I also have long appreciated the general progressive social and political climate of Whitman. However, today my spirit i...

Landscaping the Whitman Bubble

September 14, 2006

by Ari van Schilfgaarde To those of you who ended up at the new health center this weekend, you probably didn't notice the landscaping around the new building. But staggering home, newly released from the consequences of your improprieties, you may have seen the berms and plants that surround the former ...

The loss of the dollar’s glint

September 14, 2006

by Marcus Koontz "How come we can buy stuff with money?" I remember asking my teacher when I was younger. He seemed baffled at that question. Such a simple one, and it is often the simple questions that are hardest to answer. That question's answer is a simple idea that we assume: money is worth so...

Annals of organization

September 14, 2006

by Sarah McCarthy   When packing to return to school, I encounter three distinct categories of objects. The first category is easy to manage––objects that clearly ought to be packed. Such objects include, but are not limited to, clothes that I have worn some time in the last year, a techn...

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