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Viva Voce: ‘You’re gonna get your blood sucked out’

September 21, 2006

by Gayle Chung With a phrase like "you're gonna get your blood sucked out," who could resist the temptation to go hear such sweet melodies? On Sept. 15 in the Reid Campus Center Ballroom, the married duo Viva Voce brought an upbeat mixture of Indie pop and soft rock style of music to the ears of W...

“Sunshine” a worthwhile watch

September 14, 2006

by Erin Salvi   The idea of the disfunctional family is nothing new to cinema, but it is a concept to which practically everyone who has learned to walk and talk can relate. Perhaps this is why film studios and audiences alike seem to reach no point of exhaustion with this genre of movie. While vie...

Group brings Irish punk to Whitman

September 14, 2006

by Alex Frank   Last fall's big-deal, school-sponsored show undoubtedly had a surfeit of star power –– it certainly marked the first appearance of a band who only months before taking the stage of Cordiner rocked a fictional little joint called the Bait Shop. But while Death Cab for Cutie may'v...

“The Illusionist” shows glimpses of a promising movie, leaves viewers wanting more

September 14, 2006

by Josh Boris The fun, frolicking festival of summer is coming to an end, and so are the big budget blockbusters that dominate the hearts and minds of American pop culture during those heated months. "Superman" has flown away, "Snakes on a Plane" is slithering off and as the weather cools down we...

Verve Coffee: Walla Walla’s new organic hotspot

September 14, 2006

by Christina Russell   When were the last times you found enthusiasm, energy and vitality, all while picking up your daily cup of coffee? Verve, Walla Walla's newest coffeehouse, facilitates an environment that enables customers to discover these qualities, all while quenching their thirst and satiatin...

Sheehan exhibit a “sound laboratory”

September 14, 2006

by Gayle Chung When no one is around, everything is silent. Only the art gallery guard sits at a desk in a corner of the Sheehan Gallery. But soon, the presence of visitors is announced by the sound of a large bell. Before the eyes of the observer, farming disks, reminiscent of inverted mushrooms, co...

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