Successful final Women’s Volleyball game concludes season

Tenzin Uden, Campus Life Reporter

Whitman’s Women’s Volleyball team ended their fall season with a win against Pacific University. They entered the game with the goal of improving their record from previous years by finishing at least at “.500,” otherwise known as having an even split of wins to losses. The team successfully managed to gain eight wins to their eight losses.

Head Coach Matt Helm spoke about his views on the team dynamic.

“Our team culture is one based on a [relationship like a family] where everybody is very different but accepted, and we are also very competitive,” Helm said. 

During the off-season, the team works extensively with the strength and conditioning coach to maintain their fitness. They also organize open gyms where they can participate in pre-plays. During the spring, there are around 16 days when the coaching team works with the players to practice for the next season. Coach Helm also explained that many members of the team also enjoy other campus activities during the off-season, such as other clubs and Greek Life.

Senior art major Megan Suka* has been on the volleyball team for all four years, with this academic year being their last.

“My favorite moment was our last game, as it was a win this season. It was just a great ending to our season,” Suka said. 

With the understanding that a good team bond is reflected on the court, the team eats burritos in the wheat fields with the first-year players at the beginning of each season. The team also uses the time they spend traveling to bond with each other.

“I just had a great time, and I’m really grateful to be on this team,” Suka said. 

First-year Lilli Thompson, who plays middle blocker, spoke on her appreciation for the final two wins of the season.

“My best memory with the team was winning our last two games of the season in Oregon against Linfield and Pacific [University]. The energy was electric, and it was a great way to celebrate our seniors,” Thompson said.

During her first year, Thompson has thus far enjoyed the team experience. She has found that everyone on the team is like a built-in best friend, and they are approachable whenever she needs them. 

“During this season, I’ve learned a lot about what it means to have true resilience and put your individual fears aside in order to push for a team win. I think that’s something our team culture really came to embody by the end of the season,” Thompson said.

While the Women’s Volleyball team’s current season has come to a close, you can stay up-to-date on team news by following the team’s Instagram page

* Megan Suka is an Illustrator for The Wire.