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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Senator Snapshot: Seniors

Seniors, meet your senators!  

Jane Carmody

Major: Politics

Something unique about her hometown: My hometown Albuquerque, NM hosts the world’s largest hot air balloon festival during the month of October.

Favorite fruits: Strawberries and blueberries!

Goal in ASWC this year: I am mostly working on a car sharing program and researching the possibility of a January or June term for Whitman.

Music she’s recently discovered or re-discovered: Anything by the band the xx!

What about ASWC brings her joy: I love feeling like I am leaving a mark on Whitman’s campus, especially since I am on the Student Affairs committee. This committee allows me to engage with topics that are meaningful to the student body, and I really enjoy that!


Kayvon Behroozian

Major: Politics with a minor in Rhetoric

(Benign) guilty pleasure: I like listening to top 40 because of how the songs are specifically engineered to please me

Duties in ASWC this year: The Ombud serves as a liaison between the legislative branch-the Senate-and the Executive Branch-the Executive Council-and serves on both bodies. What that means for you is that I can be a resource to you or your student group, by offering you advice that is based on my intimate understanding of ASWC. I can help advance a concern you have, point you in the right direction with who to talk to, or be a sounding board for ideas you might have.

A song he’s recently discovered: TIMBER (played it in the ASWC office like 23948 times)

What about ASWC brings him joy: The ability to fuse my interest in helping others with my passion for rhetoric and persuasion.

Anything else? Sup.


Sean Mulloy

Major: Politics with a Gender Studies minor

Hometown: Chandler, AZ

Favorite fruit: Berries, because they’re sweet.

Goal in ASWC this year: My goal is to enhance student participation in the ASWC decision making process and strengthen Whitman’s great diversity of student clubs.

Recently discovered music:  Robyn and other girl pop music

What about ASWC brings him joy: I am new to ASWC but am delighted when ASWC is able to bring unique experiences and resources to students that may have not otherwise been possible. I would like to see ASWC be a voice of the needs and wants of the Whitman campus community.

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