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Vol. CLIV, Issue 8
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ASWC and WEB Wednesdays


A brief Q and A with sophomore senator Allison Kelly about one of her initiatives for this year, ASWC and WEB Wednesdays.

1) What exactly is an ASWC/WEB Wednesday?

Allison: ASWC and WEB Wednesdays allow students to connect and respond to ASWC and WEB. Students and other members of the Whitman community wishing to voice their opinions and suggestions about any topic on campus are invited to attend the open forums. Additionally, we are a convenient resource for senate updates and upcoming WEB events.

2) Where can students find you?

Allison: Students can find me and Genevieve, the WEB Chair, on Wednesdays from 12-1pm in the Reid foyer.

3) What type of things can students discuss at ASWC/WEB Wednesdays?

Allison: Students should feel free to discuss whatever’s on their minds! Some examples of great discussion topics include:

– Any personal initiatives that a student wishes to bring to the senate floor

– Recommendations for projects that the student government or WEB should advocate, fund, or promote

– How to become an ASWC recognized club

– How to request funding from ASWC for travel, student development, innovative green technology, or club contingencies

– Suggestions for WEB events that you would love to see on campus

4) Who on ASWC participates?

Allison: I will be in Reid every Wednesday, and sometimes other senators will accompany me to gain student feedback on their own initiatives.

5) What if a student can’t make it to ASWC/WEB Wednesday but wants to talk to a representative?

Allison: Please email me at [email protected]!  I am always available to answer your questions via email or to meet at any time that might work better for you. Additionally, there is a list of all the ASWC representatives on the ASWC website (goaswc.org); each representative would love to hear from you, and feel free to email them as well!

6) Anything else you would like to add?

Allison: Even if you don’t have anything in particular to say, stop by anyways! We’d love to update you on current initiatives in senate and upcoming events for WEB!



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