Things Found in Utah

Jessica Faunt

Candy wrappers on laundromat floors
Cactus needles protruding from beneath the strap of my sandal
Pools of rain caught in slick rock
A single sock at the bottom of my sleeping bag
Friendship in contradiction
Dimples by river beds from cattle hooves
A seven-legged spider near the zipper of my tent
Gracefulness in calloused feet
Apples in cup holders of folding chairs
Tears in the pockets of my eyelashes
A lone flower gasping for sunlight between the cracks in sandstone
Sand in the wrinkles in my elbows
A black widow hanging from my arm
Humility on the peak of Comb Ridge
Laughter ringing through the canyon
Morning dew on the ends of my hairs
A love letter between folded shirts
Bruises scattered up my legs
An empty jar of Nutella in the lunch box
Home in change