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Live Blog: Spring Issue 4

Mickey Shin, Managing Editor

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Welcome. Here are some hot topics from production night:

  • ┬áVegans
    • News Editor Chris has to be vegan for 2 weeks. He is having a difficult time.
    • “When I became a vegan, my family thought it was some weird religious choice like Catholicism.” -Production Manager Kerr
  • iPhone 8-Ball
    • Opinion Editor Peggy insists that 8-Ball is best played with a ruler.
    • “Geometry.” -Peggy
  • Photo Editor Tywen spent $20 on a digital notebook. He says it’s worth it.
  • Humor Editor Anthony kicked the computer power cords, which caused a minor disaster. Thanks Anthony.
  • Editors are impressed that Flaming Hot Cheetos come in Puffs form.


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Whitman news since 1896
Live Blog: Spring Issue 4