The New Students are Here!

Marra Clay

This seems to be what the ducklings on campus are referred to as. New students. Newbies, incoming first years. As the end of the year is approaching and I am suddenly realizing my immense workload until summer vacation, I am moving further and further away from my fresh first-year perspective. I don’t want to just advertise Whitman here, but I love it. In my first year on campus, I have gotten involved in clubs, groups, realized what I want to do with my life, created a backup plan in case that falls through, and have made closer friends than I have ever had. But, it’s scary to think that I am already about a quarter of the way through the college experience. So, good luck to these new ducklings, coming onto campus as unfamiliar with the territory as I was when I first arrived in September. In the meantime, we will all just watch them be adorable as we study for upcoming finals.